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A Christian Lesbian Journey:
A Continuation of Long Road to Love

by Darlene Bogle
Darlene Bogle shares her journey as a Christian and a Lesbian.

Click here to purchase.

A Christian Lesbian Journey:  A Continuation of Long Road to Love

Darlene was a pastor at a Foursquare Church and the director of an ex-gay ministry with Exodus International. Then she met Des, and her life and ministry took a dramatic turn. They fell in love. Darlene was kicked out of Exodus and her church. But Darlene and Des found God's faithfulness and unconditional love through their same sex relationship.

This journey also took them through Des being diagnosed with breast cancer. Together they grew in their love and took on the calling to minister to others with breast cancer. Des passed away in 2005 and wanted Darlene to tell their story, so Darlene began to speak out for her community.

Darlene deals with the untruth of ex-gay outreach, and recognizes the truth of God's loving acceptance of all His gay and lesbian children.

Join Darlene Bogle on her celebration of that journey.

A Christian Lesbian Journey contains an endorcement from Dr. Mel White and from Kim Clark of GodandGaysTheMovie.com. Darlene and Mel are both featured in that newly released documentary.

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