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Study Groups

Thursday Bible Study
Bible Study is on hiatus for the summer months.


Homosexuality and the Bible
Rev. Kader's book was based on this series Find out what the Bible really says about Homosexuality, not just what the Christian Right would have us believe. This is a 9 lecture, 4 tape video series by Rev. Samuel Kader, dealing in detail with every Bible scripture related to homosexuality, and revealing promises and hope God has given to all his children. Rev. Kader's book, Openly Gay, Openly Cristian, was based on this lecture series.

Check out the Acrobat (.PDF) "course outline" here.

If you've ever had to deal with people "beating you over the head" with the Bible, or just need to know for yourself what's what, this is a good place to start!

Let us know if you'd like a copy of the book or video tapes.



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